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Slice of Sunshine —Thoughts on Thoughts

One of my standard “coachingisms” is Don’t Believe Everything You Think. Our brains like us to believe that our thoughts are an accurate reflection of what is happening when in truth we are always adding our own filter, context, and meaning. Sometimes this is helpful as we need our interpretive brain to keep us functioning […]

Slice of Sunshine —The Path is the Goal

Many of my coaching clients come to me during a point of transition. Sometimes the transition has been forced upon them because of a shift in their personal or professional life. Others initiated the change themselves but then lose sight of why they made the change or have become overwhelmed or unmotivated. Whether by choice […]

Slice of Sunshine —Keep It Local

Here at the Department of Practical Sunshine, we were hoping that September would arrive and everything would be easy-breezy lemon-squeezy. Crisp autumn air, omnipresent school buses, dahlias overflowing from people’s gardens and way too much talk about pumpkin spice everything. Easy-breezy is now feeling like a bit of a stretch. As much as we try […]

Slice of Sunshine —August: The Sunday of the Year

Some call August the “Sunday of the Year.” Just as Sundays may evoke feelings of missed opportunities, doldrums or dread about what’s to come, August—signaling the end of summer, change in weather, moving out of vacation season and into shorter days—may be its yearly equivalent. The malaise that people may feel before beginning their week […]

Slice of Sunshine —Zoom In, Zoom Out

There is no shortage of tools we can use to gain clarity when we’re feeling stuck. Brain dumps, flipping the script, or doing a “pros/cons” list are all helpful, but none of them work all of the time in every situation. One approach that has a lot of broad applications but doesn’t seem to get […]

Slice of Sunshine —Rest. Yes, You! Rest.

One productivity quote that has always stayed with me: “There are 24 hours in the day; use them.” When I first heard this quote, I thought it was inspiring. YES! Why waste a single second of this “wild and precious life”? (With due credit, of course, to the brilliant Mary Oliver.) I have lived my […]

Slice of Sunshine —Know Needs

We are born asking for what we need. As tiny humans we cry or coo or look really cute in order to get our basic needs met. We are totally reliant upon others for survival and so out of instinct we ask for what we need. Over time, most of us acquire skills to survive […]

Slice of Sunshine —Practical Practices Promote Productivity!

Productivity is not the be-all, end-all it is often made out to be (#fightgrindculture), but it is one part of feeling fulfilled and engaged. So, while Slice of Sunshine newsletters usually focus on the “sunshine,” this issue we’re going to focus on the practical from the Department of Practical Sunshine! Here are five productivity tips that are in […]