Coaching to help you confidently overcome personal and professional barriers.

Providing practical support and guidance for when you just need a helping hand

In life things can get kind of stuck. 

It could be personal. Or professional. 

And let’s be real: you can’t pull those areas neatly apart! 

How do you figure out what to do? What strategies to follow? What steps to take? 

With so many competing voices out there, it’s understandable if you’re feeling confused.

Here at the Department of Practical Sunshine, we’ll help you find the clarity you’re looking for! 

We offer guidance and support to help you during challenging and confusing times of life.

turtle laying on its back, apparently stuck
We will help you get turned right side up.

If you’re…

  • Feeling a sense of dissatisfaction or unfulfillment
  • Struggling at work or thinking of a career change
  • Facing a relationship challenge — at home or work
  • Not sure about how to deal with a difficult situation
  • Wanting to set a roadmap for personal growth

… we can work with you to help find the clearest path forward.

At the Department, we’re all about seeing and understanding you as a complete person. 

We give you the practical strategies and tools to solve the particular problem you’re facing.

And we support and encourage you towards your goal — with life-infusing words and smiling rays of sunshine.

Getting Unstuck: Gillian’s Success Story

I felt stuck. I wasn’t clear what coaching was. I worried it might be too woo-woo for me. But I knew I wanted change, so I took a leap. Elona was remarkably efficient at homing in on some of the mental and emotional gymnastics I employ to get in my own way – stuff I’ve been doing adeptly for so long that I was blind to it.
She zeroed in on these unhelpful habits with surprising speed and accuracy. She helped me escort some outdated coping mechanisms to the door. She helped me be kinder to myself. She also helped me reframe circular thinking that was hindering joy and holding me back.
Elona is frank, and blessedly funny. She is also intuitive. It’s almost spooky how on-the-nail she is sometimes. She offers tools and exercises that actually work to foster positive change. I felt seen, challenged, and supported by Elona. I recommend her unreservedly.

—Gillian F.

We can help you with…

Let’s explore together how we can support you with a tailor-made program.

Career stress management• Coping with a new role
• Navigating a toxic relationship with a colleague or supervisor
• Dealing with a lack of role definition
• Working through feelings of inadequacy or imposter syndrome
Career change• Exploring “what’s next” when you’re no longer interested in continuing on the same career path
• Coping with getting laid off or unexpected shifts in your job
• Job hunting strategy and preparation
Life coaching • Understanding life dissatisfaction or feeling unfulfilled
• Discovering your “why”
• Improving your heartset/mindset/skillset
Relationships• Gaining positive communication skills
• Learning conflict management
• Supporting parents, partners and people in the “sandwich generation”
Personal growth • Learning how to set boundaries
• Unraveling long-held stories
• Confronting your inner critic
• Equipping you to live in alignment with your values

Fiona’s New Job Success

Here’s one of our success stories that we’re delighted to share with you…

Fiona was working in a Healthcare Administration role. She’d been steadily moving through the ranks over the past 10 years.

When her supervisor retired it left a huge gap for Fiona. And there was a pile of extra responsibilities dumped on her shoulders — with no extra pay.

Her supervisor had been her strongest advocate and she steadily lost enthusiasm for her job without her there. 

Fiona came to me with her situation. I listened. 

She said she wanted a new job, but couldn’t even visualize what a new role might look like — it was so hard after being at one place for so long. 

Fiona was stuck.

So we rolled up our sleeves and let some of that practical sunshine peek through the windows.

Once we figured out the types of roles she’d be interested in, we came up with a job hunting strategy. 

She followed through and — guess what? — she got an interview! 

We did mock interviews to give her the confidence to nail it.

And she did! She got the job.

She elevated both her job responsibilities and her pay grade. 

And even better: she’s so much more satisfied — it was the perfect fit!

We loved helping Fiona gain clarity and get lined up to leap to the next level.

Like Fiona, we’re here to help you to be ready for your next challenge — and shine!