Coaching to help you confidently overcome personal and professional barriers.

Providing practical support and guidance for when you need a helping hand.

If you’ve been feeling disoriented or stuck, you’re in the right place! We’ve helped many people define and achieve what they want most.

We can help you:

  • Figure out what’s next if you’re at a career choice point (whether by choice—or not)
  • Advocate for yourself at work or in your relationships
  • Pinpoint growth areas in your mindset, heartset, and skillset
  • Figure out where the heck you want to go in the next few years
  • Make that hard decision you’ve been putting off
  • Learn how to communicate effectively and set important (and sometimes tricky) boundaries
  • Identify your values, gifts, talents, skills, and interests in order to live a more fulfilling life
  • Unravel your stories and disarm your inner critic
turtle laying on its back, apparently stuck

People we’ve helped say…

I felt stuck. I wasn’t clear what coaching was. I worried it might be too woo-woo for me. But I knew I wanted change, so I took a leap. Elona was remarkably efficient at homing in on some of the mental and emotional gymnastics I employ to get in my own way – stuff I’ve been doing adeptly for so long that I was blind to it.
She zeroed in on these unhelpful habits with surprising speed and accuracy. She helped me escort some outdated coping mechanisms to the door. She helped me be kinder to myself. She also helped me reframe circular thinking that was hindering joy and holding me back.
Elona is frank, and blessedly funny. She is also intuitive. It’s almost spooky how on-the-nail she is sometimes. She offers tools and exercises that actually work to foster positive change. I felt seen, challenged, and supported by Elona. I recommend her unreservedly.

—Gillian F.

I really enjoyed my sessions with Elona. She is hyper-intelligent and a hyper-empath — a rare combination to find. She weaves teachings from thought leaders, spirituality, and current research into coaching sessions to help me bring my best self to the world. She is a thoughtful sounding board, and is both grounding and energizing at the same time. Elona is truly gifted. I am so grateful that our paths crossed.

—Amy C.

What I appreciate about working with Elona is her efficiency, accessibility, and depth of knowledge.I can count on her to be available to unpack issues and provide insights and strategy.  She has the ability to hear information and convert it into plans, whether immediate or long-term, and often offers a new perspective. I leave each meeting feeling heard and with clear next steps; our time together is time well spent.

-Erin Kothari, Oregon Futures Lab