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Slice of Sunshine: Teflon/Velcro

I recently had the privilege of leading an in-person “Feedback as a Value and a Skill” workshop for over 100 people. It was great to be out of Zoomworld and back in the wild! While I sensed people were engaged, I was eager to read the post-event evaluations to get their unfiltered and anonymous opinions, […]

Slice of Sunshine: Acceptance is an Option

I don’t like giving up.   Some people call me “competitive,” although I prefer the more nuanced labels “determined” or “ambitious.” (To me, competitive is linked with both aggression and I win/you lose, which is NOT what I am about.)But it is true, I have often demonstrated that I am willing to keep driving forward […]

Slice of Sunshine: Beyond Bonbons and Bouquets

There are many Valentine’s Day skeptics, including right here in my Slice of Sunshine readership.  I get it. Valentine’s Day is another example of how, when people are forced to do something—whether is “be celebratory” on New Year’s Eve, or “prove your love” on Valentine’s Day—it kind of defeats the purpose. Add into that the […]