We bring the enthusiasm, intelligence, and pragmatism you need to face your organization’s challenges head-on.

We partner with you, blending an outside perspective with inside understanding.

Do you find yourself…
…running training sessions or meetings but facilitation is not a strength of yours? Or you find it hard to participate and facilitate at the same time?
…facing conflict with a staff member but you don’t want to feel like the “bad guy”? Or struggling to help an individual discover their strengths, identify their areas of growth, and level up their leadership?

…being on—or working with—a board that is facing communication or alignment challenges?
…knowing change is needed but thinking about how to initiate, implement and manage the process fills you with dread?

…in charge of a team or company retreat but that is just not in your wheelhouse?

…needing to evaluate and create professional development plans for staff but there’s no equitable and easy system in place?

The Department of Practical Sunshine is your all-in-one source for support.

Facilitation for trainings, retreats, and meetingsPerformance management guidance and tools
Coaching for directors, managers, and staff
Strategic planning, process creation, and policy development
Workshops (ready-made or custom) and other professional developmentOrg chart creation, mission/vision/values work, and SOAR or SWOT sessions
Have a need that’s not listed? Let’s talk. If we can’t help you, we are always happy to make suggestions for someone who can.

Three Dogs Dressed As Businessmen Having Meeting In Boardroom
Photo for simulation purposes only, though we would love to be at an all-dog meeting.

People we’ve helped say…

Elona is an excellent facilitator. Her ability to keep people engaged and on track seems effortless. She brings so much energy and enthusiasm to her trainings that people are instantly drawn to the content or topic. As an avid lifelong learner, Elona brings tons of information and wisdom to her work. She is incredibly thoughtful and able to really help folks dig deeper into themselves. She is passionate about helping people to grow and improve and it shows in everything she does.

—Kristen Fraley, former Operations Manager, Self Enhancement, Inc.

I’ve been fortunate to work with Elona in a variety of ways, from time management training to personal coaching to group facilitation. I always left my interactions with her feeling empowered, supported and prepared. Plus, I’ve noticed real growth in myself at work and in my personal life. Not only is she a brilliant coach and facilitator, but she is an equally wonderful person and a delight to work with!

-Katie Vaughan, former Project Manager, Good & Gold