Slice of Sunshine —August: The Sunday of the Year

Some call August the “Sunday of the Year.”

Just as Sundays may evoke feelings of missed opportunities, doldrums or dread about what’s to come, August—signaling the end of summer, change in weather, moving out of vacation season and into shorter days—may be its yearly equivalent.

The malaise that people may feel before beginning their week or stepping back into fall is pervasive and real. Now more than ever (given what we’ve been through and the uncertainty of what’s to come), it can be difficult to feel resourced.

Below are three suggestions that may help you manage Sundays (and by extension, August). It is possible all you need are some quick ideas to help you feel refreshed and prepared.

For others, a handful of general suggestions may not be enough. The Department of Practical Sunshine is here to help!

If you feel rudderless, overwhelmed, or under-resourced, consider getting some coaching. One-on-one coaching provides individualized approaches to help you feel organized, ready and resourced. Whether it’s just you that needs a little support—or you manage or are part of a team that is struggling with burnout—call for backup! Click here to schedule your (no obligation) 15 minute free chat; we’re ready and excited to help.

Sunday with Intention

Planning helps to make things happen!

Consider making a schedule for your Sunday. Hear me out! It doesn’t mean making an endless to do list of errands, chores and other “must do’s.” Rather, it means being intentional about your time so that when 7:53p hits on Sunday, you don’t think, “Where did my weekend go?!” Schedule a nap (y’all know how I feel about rest, block time for either binge watching and/or designated “no screen” time, eat a meal with your full attention or a do a set exercise routine. This is also great way to serve your future self, specifically the one who needs to show up Monday morning.

Prep Your Workspace

DPS headquarters

Don’t just clean it (though that is the first step). Arrange your space so that it is almost seamless for you to transition back into the week. Make sure all writing utensils are functional and any notebooks or relevant documents are ready to go. Replenish gum, mints, cough drops, snacks and fidgets. Consider making a targeted task list (that’s what’s on the clipboard above). Make sure that headphones are charged and handy. Add something for joy, too—my plants are a welcome sight each workday. If your workspace is also your dining room table, your bedroom or other multi-use space, create a system that allows you to easily wrap up and re-set as needed (DPS can help with those kinds of home organization systems, too)!

Love the old timey punch clock

Punch Out

Many people have written about how work life bleeds into home life, creating a feeling of never quite being done with your job for the day (or the week, or maybe ever). It almost makes one long for the days where people used an old fashioned time clock to “punch out.” Since that is not currently how things work, many of us need to construct a way to signal the end of work time. It could be as simple as saying out loud, even to yourself, “I am done for the day.” Some people have had success playing a certain song or doing a brief meditation to signal closure. What “punching out” looks like for me: all the steps in “Prep Your Workspace” PLUS closing all tabs on the computer, shutting my laptop and then placing my clipboard, notebook and reminder note on top. Day is done.

Choose your own inspirational “end of day” message—and stick to it!
(other) Smart People

“And I was missing it, because I thought life was something other than my life. I thought life was something envisioned and achieved. I thought it was manufactured from ideals and earned through elbow grease. I thought it was yet to arrive, and so I missed everything that had already come.”
Karen Maezen Miller, Hand Wash Cold


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