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Slice of Sunshine —Find Your Bandwidth Leaks

Find Your Bandwidth Leaks Burned out. At capacity. Over threshold. Many recent articles describe an epidemic of people feeling drained. Despite glimpses of hope and positivity (I feel them, don’t you?!) many people feel utterly depleted. These articles often offer tips on how to replenish your energy (self care! self compassion! self awareness!) as well […]

Slice of Sunshine —Now Serving: Your Future Self

Now Serving: Your Future Self It’s about to get a little “woo” in here. We have often heard that our most important relationship is the one that we have with ourselves. If we can’t practice compassion, connection, care and authenticity with ourselves it may be difficult to cultivate that in our relationships with others. But […]

Slice of Sunshine —The Folly of Futurecasting

The Folly of Futurecasting Any fellow futurecasters out there? “Futurecasting” is when we imagine and dwell on scenarios of what may come to pass in any given situation. It’s the “what if” game that many of us play—often in the middle of the night!—but futurecasting can happen at any time. (The middle of the night […]