Author: Elona

Slice of Sunshine —Keep It Local

Here at the Department of Practical Sunshine, we were hoping that September would arrive and everything would be easy-breezy lemon-squeezy. Crisp autumn air, omnipresent school buses, dahlias overflowing from people’s gardens and way too much talk about pumpkin spice everything. Easy-breezy is now feeling like a bit of a stretch. As much as we try […]

Slice of Sunshine —Practical Practices Promote Productivity!

Productivity is not the be-all, end-all it is often made out to be (#fightgrindculture), but it is one part of feeling fulfilled and engaged. So, while Slice of Sunshine newsletters usually focus on the “sunshine,” this issue we’re going to focus on the practical from the Department of Practical Sunshine! Here are five productivity tips that are in […]