We’re proud of our integrated approach to solving problems and helping people live better lives.

The best way to determine if what we do is right for you is by chatting with us. But we also know you’re here to learn why you should hire us. Here’s a snapshot.


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Listening with curiosity and not judgment.
Staying values-centered and outcome-oriented.
Collaboratively coming up with a plan, being open to changing the plan if needed, and providing accountability.
Communicating clearly, with compassion.
Pragmatism with a big slice of sunshine.


Perhaps you feel like you “should” be able to figure something out on your own. Maybe you feel like your challenges aren’t “that important” or that it is a “waste of time or money” to get outside help. It’s possible you’ve told yourself (or someone else has told you) that you don’t deserve it, it’s too late, or your desire is unreachable or worthless.


You deserve support. Nothing wrong with another person in your corner.

You don’t need to wait. How long do you need to wait before coming into alignment, feeling whole, and being fulfilled? Ya know the old saying: the best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, the second best time is today.

The only place to begin is always right here, where you are.

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I felt stuck. I wasn’t clear what coaching was. I worried it might be too woo-woo for me. But I knew I wanted change, so I took a leap. Elona was remarkably efficient at homing in on some of the mental and emotional gymnastics I employ to get in my own way – stuff I’ve been doing adeptly for so long that I was blind to it. She zeroed in on these unhelpful habits with surprising speed and accuracy. She helped me escort some outdated coping mechanisms to the door. She helped me be kinder to myself. She also helped me reframe circular thinking that was hindering joy and holding me back. 

Elona is frank, and blessedly funny. She is also intuitive. It’s almost spooky how on-the-nail she is sometimes. She offers tools and exercises that actually work to foster positive change. I felt seen, challenged, and supported by Elona. I recommend her unreservedly.”

—Gillian F.