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Coaching, facilitation and strategy with a slice of sunshine.

I believe that everyone is doing the best they can, with the tools they have, in the given moment. Sometimes, that means things are going great! Feeling grounded, centered and content. Other times, things are…well…not-so-great.

Perhaps you’re feeling stuck and need help figuring out your goals. Maybe you’ve been putting off an important conversation, your home or work life feels unbalanced, or you feel like you lack clarity. It may be that you want to change (or change has come to you) and you—or you and your partner(s)—could use some help figuring out what’s next.

The Department of Practical Sunshine provides coaching, facilitation and strategy services with the goal of helping people solve problems and develop plans for growth and evolution.

As a coach, I:

Create space for reflection and growth

Act as a sounding board

Provide an outside perspective

Offer support and resources

Help hold you accountable

As a facilitator, I:

Remain objective

Stay focused on desired outcomes

Hold space

Provide accountability

Work towards alignment and resolution

As a strategist, I:

Collaborate to create a roadmap

Promote creative ideation

Document and define outcomes

Explore impediments and impel action

Support adherence to timelines

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

Therapy is great. Coaching/facilitation/strategy is not therapy. And I am not a therapist.

While there are times that coaching snuggles right up next to deeper issues, and doing this work often helps with resolution, the coaching relationship is centered on giving tools and a map to help people with growth and evolution. The intention behind it is not therapeutic, though coaching can be particularly impactful in tandem with therapy.

Coaching is a powerful tool in its own right. Whether through brief engagement (2-4 sessions) or as an ongoing source of support and accountability, many (if not most!) people find coaching valuable and rewarding. But coaching is not therapy.

And while we’re clarifying… facilitation is not mediation, and strategy is not organizational management.

Want to learn more? We’re happy to chat further to see how our services best meet your needs.

Getting started is as simple as having a conversation.

The first 15 minutes are on us.

“When faced with a tremendously challenging and complicated situation, our organization turned to Elona to help us plan and execute a course of action. Throughout the process, she was thorough but always moving forward, struck the balance between sharing her expertise and thoughts while respecting ours, kept us grounded and made sure it was still our process. Just as important, Elona was a pleasure to work with – even-keeled, a great communicator and she maintains a good sense of humor even when dealing with difficult issues that can make folks tense.”

—Steve Eisenbach-Budner, Executive Director,